MAGROUND - Behind Your Product.
Empowering brands since 2007
MAGROUND provides the perfect background for your product - no matter how small or large your project is. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, MAGROUND has established its reputation by constantly refining its offering, meeting highest technical standards and satisfying its most demanding clients. Automotive, travel, fashion, corporate - not only the world’s most prestigious brands are relying on our exclusive imagery but also smaller companies and boutique brands. Empower your brand with strong imagery!
Automotive & transportation
Offering multiple perspectives and matching 360° HDR domes and VR environments of each location makes the maground archive the first choice for use in automotive advertising, rendering, and online product visualization. The “Full Package” of assets makes creating visuals a piece of cake and provides peace of mind with our compositing license and free search tool.
Multiple perspectives and heights
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Compositing Licence
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360°VR & 360°HDR
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8K video & on demand production
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State of art image quality
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Professional Services
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Travel & corporate
Comp existing footage into our high-resolution background or plan the entire shoot upfront with our imagery in mind. The extreme resolution allows you to print any image in any size and use it as a backdrop in shoots. You can use our images to complement existing footage with image elements like skylines and skies and benefit from our compositing license by saving time and money.
Fashion & consumer
You see landscapes more often than you think in fashion advertising and advertising in general. But the exclusive imagery we offer is not only suitable for printed advertising. You can decorate shops, project imagery, and videos at fashion shows or impress clients with high-resolution wallpapers at trade fairs and exhibitions. Our research team will be happy to advise you on your ongoing projects!


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