100-megapixel TIFF files, RAW, 6 GB 360° HDR + VR
MAGROUND has consistently pushed the technical boundaries of what a stock agency can offer. Working with the best professionals from the start ten years ago has ensured the best technical levels. Our images are shot with medium-format digital backs with up to 100 megapixels and can be reproduced to any size. Extreme cropping and excessive compositings are as easily accomplished as postproduction and look creating.
Extreme detail
From postcard to building billboard and tradeshow megastand - we’ve got you covered. Forget conventional stock imagery! MAGROUND provides you with state-of-the-art data quality at a better price. Save time and be assured that the files you purchase on MAGROUND will be suitable for any purpose. Good is not good enough for us. Others call it high-res
RAW on demand
Gain full control over the look. Our files have over 14 f-stops of dynamic range and if needed we can provide the native RAW file format - a unique feature in the industry. With this option you can change the look of the image in any direction as if you were working with files from an on-demand shoot. Ideal if you want to match their look to the existing idea or layout. Add it as an element using our compositing license or use it as an entirely new motif.
32-bit 360° HDR - 500 MP
Our perfectly stitched 500-megapixel 360° HDR domes are on the edge of what Photoshop can handle technically. You can integrate any 3D object and get the best rendering results.
6 GB 360° virtual environments
360° VR images are very popular for online configurators, walkarounds, and 360° product presentations. We bring it to the max with our mega-resolution VR files. Use them for online applications or for real-life presentations. Cover up to 64 4K screens with a single VR. Implement 3D objects, or use for live presentations. Even use extreme crops as background images for online or small print projects. One file delivers multiple application possibilities.


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