Be unique.
Presentation and pitching solutions
It is very important to stand out with your idea. Strong, exclusive imagery will support you and can be decisive for a successful presentation or even winning a pitch. Conventional stock photography leaves many questions open - will the image be big enough for all media plans? Will the usage rights be available for all the marketing wishes of your client? Do the images offer full flexibility in postproduction if you want to add a personal touch? Be assured that with our imagery the answer will always be “yes”!
1:1 realization
From draft and layout to final advert in no time. Using our images means you can fulfill any media plan in no time after client approval. The variety of image angles and our industry-leading quality gives you peace of mind. Present in high quality and retain the flexibility to exchange the images in full or modify them using our compositing license.
The right perspective
The unique feature of our archive is that most of the images are grouped in location sets that have multiple perspectives of the shot. Why? Because sometimes the one perspective just doesn’t cut it and because you need to present the product from several angles to emphasize its design features. Combine several images into one to create unique shots and be sure to have the quality required for billboards.
Full set
Order the full pitch and presentation pack. Backplates (A), perspectives (B), 360° HDR domes (C), and VR (D). Available 24/7. Work with real assets and optimize your workflow. Pitch with visuals that look the real deal and provide your clients with the technical confidence and aesthetic power they are looking for.


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